Rapid Screening for Pluralibacter gergoviae


Cosmetics and Body Care Products

According to a recent statement of the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) No. 038/2020 of September 7, 2020, cosmetic products for topic use should be free from Pluralibacter gergoviae.

P. gergoviae is a facultative pathogenic bacterium from the Enterobacteriaceae group and, according to the BfR, is especially dangerous for people with a weakened immune response, after surgical interventions and people with various previous illnesses.
Furthermore, P. gergoviae is known to be resistant to numerous biocides used for the preservation of cosmetics and there have been numerous product recalls of products contaminated with P. gergoviae listed via Safety Gate (formerly RAPEX) in recent years.

With the RiboFlow® biomolecular test kits, SY-LAB is providing a very sensitive and specific test system for the rapid screening of the microorganisms specified in accordance with ISO 18415 (RiboFlow® -Cosmetics) for the examination of cosmetic products for several years

Two further RiboFlow® products also enable the specific detection of all genera of the Enterobacteriacea group, using that Pluralibacter gergoviae and Escherichia coli are also detected accordingly.

Thus fast screening for the absence of P. gergoviae is possible with both the RiboFlow®-Enterobacteriaceae and the RiboFlow® -P / EN.
The RiboFlow® -P / EN proves to be the test of choice with regard to the requirements of ISO 18415, since this kit enables the combined detection of Pseudomonas spp. as well as the entire Enterobacteriaceae group.
Thus, this single test offers a combined screening for the absence of P.aeruginosa, E.coli and Pluralibacter gergovie. A negative test result enables a quick product release.

Tests can be performed directly from all enrichment solutions according to ISO 18415 but also from the enrichments from various rapid methods (impedance, cytometry, CO2 methods)). Results are available from enriched cultures within max. 20-25 minutes.

The RiboFlow® tests can also be performed very quickly and easily using isolated colonies from agar plates.


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