Enumeration of cheese spoiling Clostridia - New Method


New miniaturised MPN method with sensitive and precise enumeration


Based on the use of the new chromogenic nutrient broth for the detecion of cheese spoiling clostridia (AmpMedia 666) SY-LAB can provide new analytical solutions for any number of tests to be performed per day.

Beside the selective chromogenic detection of cheese spoiling clostridia the selectivity is further enhanced by the use of a specific additive mix and strict anaerobic incubation to fully suppress the competitive microflora.

Miniturisation allows to analyse a high number of replicates thus increasing method precision significantly and also reduces the work load involved and lowers laboratory waste dramatically.

Results are available after just 48 hrs. of incubation.

Detection limits can simply be adjusted to customers needs and can be brought down to 14 spores/ liter.

Beside a simple manual and instrument free version based on the use of an array of micro tube strips  semi automated detection (up to 180 tests/ day) by the use of the AMP-6000® microbiological platform as well as a full automatisation for raw milk laboratories (400 and more samples per day) is available.

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