RiboFlow® Ali Twin has arrived!

24.11.2016 / SY-LAB


For the detection of Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris and Alicyclobacillus spp.


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New Members of the RiboFlow® -Family

05.08.2016 / SY-LAB


Several new RiboFlow® - Testkits available


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New Design for IceCube 14S and 14M

06.05.2016 / SY-LAB


now operated viaTablet-PC


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NEW IceCube 11XS

25.02.2016 / SY-LAB


New compact cryogenic freezer with reduced chamber size


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Analytica 2016

03.02.2016 / SY-LAB


Munich, May 10 - 13. 2016


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Symposium Food Microbiology

03.02.2016 / SY-LAB


Stuttgart Hohenheim, March 30th - April 1st 2016


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New RiboFlow® Folder

13.11.2015 / SY-LAB


available for download


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Seminar Applied Food Microbiology

07.07.2015 / SY-LAB


23. - 25.9.2015 Labor LADR GmbH. Geesthacht


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New RiboFlow® - Cosmetics for specified microorganisms

06.02.2015 / SY-LAB


For the detection of not expected microbes according to ISO 17516


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New BacTrac Method for the detection of Yeasts and Moulds

05.02.2015 / SY-LAB


New method using standard impedance detection available !


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